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Skin and Beauty


Acne is a quite common skin condition that many people suffer from. At least from time to time. That's why we decided to write an article about what causes acne and how you can prevent it.

First of all, what is called acne? It's a skin condition that is characterized by pimples, scaly red skin, pinhead and black heads. Usually acne is called teen problem which you might outgrow during few years, but for real it may occur even if you are middle-aged and elder.

What causes acne? One of the main reason is hormones. That's why most of teens have acne Ė because of their hormones levels ups and downs. Also hormones influenced acne appears before girls period, while being pregnant and after that, etc. Almost the same is with boys Ė during their puberty they also suffer from hormones rush and this also causes acne. How to deal with this problem? You can wait for that period to pass and use different cleaningproducts to avoid or at least to minimize acne. Or, if that's not working Ė consult skin specialist about possible medical solutions (antibiotics creams, hormone pills, etc.).

Another reason causing acne is unhealthy and unbalanced eating habits. It's not a secret, that our organism need certain amounts of different vitamins, elements, etc. And if it lacks something Ė it shows that. So acne may be one of indicator that you need to carefully look what you're eating (or what you're not eating). If you think that you're eating various food and your organism can't be lacking of anything, then you should visit a nutrition specialist or dietitian and see weather you need to do some changes in your eating habits or maybe it will be enough just to use some food supplements for a while.

Stress is most probably one of the most common reasons why acne is appearing when you are far away from your teen-years. That's why often just before a very important event a red pimple occurs on your face. In order to avoid this you should try to reduce stress as much as possible, try to relax before important events and eat healthy and balanced food.

Cosmetics is also a very god friend of acne, especially the cheap one. Why? Because it usually clogs pores of a skin and, therefore, you have black heads. The worst decision is to hide you acne skin under a thick layer of make-up, since not only your skin can't breath under all this cosmetic, but also while spreading it all over your face you transfer infection to healthy skin. And then you become like a squirrel in a wheel. So, if you have skin with acne and you really really need to cover it somehow, then at least use products that have antibacterial impact. And don't forget allow your skin to rest from all these covering products as often as possible.

What else can cause acne? Drugs (especially corticosteroids, androgens and anabolic steroids). But, unfortunately, in this case there is not much what you can do about that and you should wait until you will stop using them. Also, you can try scrubs, antibacterial products, etc., but they won't remove roots of the problem and acne will appear again and again.

And the last reason is... Dirty and oily skin (usually caused bu wrong skin-care). This happens if you do not remove your make-up in the evening, if you use unsuitable products that are not good for your skin type of if you scrub and irritate skin too often, therefore making it more sensitive and vulnerable. What can you do about that? Simply just try other skincare products, don't use the ones that are not suitable for your skin (if you are not sure which products to choose, try asking consultant in drugstore to help you) and don't scrub your face more often than two to three times a week (the best way is to use face and body scrub only once a week). And if you have an oily skin, then choose skin-care products that are oil-free.

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Small fashion apartment living rooms, on a budget.

By Steven Gardner
Living in a large city like Houston, Texas, Image is everything. Oil, gas and Tech money rules. But what if your aren't in one of those high paying fields and still want to impress friends but live in a small room or apartment and a on a tight budget? Well I also live a relatively small dwelling, but I certainly don't sacrifice my luxury. Moderen contempoary design's always impress guests and portray style and wealth and are easy to replicate. With one or two pieces of key furniture, a shelf, simple design's, unique paint color's and textures anyone with a small amount of money can create a home palace fit for royalty. 

Below are a few of the easiest and least expensive to copy I found anywhere and will certainly inspire you.

Gray painted wall, low boy floor storage shelves, Simple white painted wine crates with mirrored squares on the wall, white shelf, single refurbished office chair, Homemade hanging lamps, Misc accessories,
Less is more, Egg shell and dark gray painted walls, cool area rug, low boy storage cabinet, Simple wall shelves, coffee table and couch from ikea
Same thing here, once you get the idea, most looks can reproduced on a shoe string budget, be painted, wallpapered, made or bought inexpensively

So simple, yet so cool. and makes you look fashionably wealthy.

Seems a lot of these things can be made from simple boxes then painted.

How much simpler can the look of fashion and wealth get,

As you can see a fashionable interior look starts with a just few key pieces of furniture, paint and a few little idea's

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Getting Started in Modeling.

5 tips for beginner models


Sarah's professionalism earned her a role as Lissa Hill Leather's official model.

So, you want to be a model? Iím going to start by saying Iím not a model. However, as a photographer, Iíve worked with lots of them. I specialize in shooting portfolios for beginner models. Some of the models Iíve helped to get started have taken off into phenomenal careers that have them jet-setting all around the world. Iíve also seen some disappear into anonymity. Iíve been around long enough to put the pieces together, and have a sense of what it takes to succeed in the industry. It didnít take me long to see that having a beautiful face and body is not enough to make a modelís career take off. As you might expect, thereís more to it than that. Hereís my no-punches-pulled advice for anyone who wants to be a model.

1. Be professional and reliable.

It should go without saying, but sadly, a lot of people donít really get it. Modeling is a business, so you have to treat it that way. If youíre booked for a shoot, show up on time. Donít call at the last minute and say your car broke down and you canít make it. Do everything you can to be the most professional and organized person on the shoot. Follow up on phone calls and confirm your appointments. Arrive five minutes early for your meetings. A model who develops a reputation for being flaky wonít last long, but a model who is professional and committed to the job will turn everyoneís head! If youíre working freelance, your clients will recommend you to their associates, or hire you again themselves. If youíre represented by an agency, word will get back to your agent, who will be more likely to recommend you for other jobs if youíve gotten good feedback.

When youíre just getting started, hire the best photographer you can find to shoot your portfolio. A good portfolio is a solid investment. If you are serious about modeling, youíll make that money back quickly in bookings. If youíre trying to get by with snapshots and poor quality photos, youíll have a much harder time booking work.

2. Learn about clothing.

Unless youíre going to specialize in nude modeling, youíre going to have to know about clothes! Learn what looks best on you. Learn what cuts of clothing are the most flattering on your body. If there are certain types of clothing that donít look good on you, then know about that too. Even better, find ways to wear that unflattering clothing so it fits you better. Figure out which labels and brands suit you best. Know your sizes and always be honest about them. Lying to wardrobe people about your measurements means extra embarrassment later when youíre popping buttons on your jeans! Keep an eye on fashion magazines so you can follow trends and keep your wardrobe current. The added bonus of flipping through fashion magazines is that you get to be inspired by the worldís top models at work!

3. Know your job.

A lot of people get into modeling because they think that theyíre good looking. Beyond that, they donít think much about the job. It takes much more than being gorgeous to be a model. It takes a real understanding of what a modelís job is. At least in the commercial world, a modelís job is to sell a product. Whether itís jeans, perfume, jewelery, cars, cell phones, pencils, or whatever,  a model is only there because they are promoting the product. When youíre doing commercial modeling work, you should not be thinking, ďHow can I look better?Ē Rather, you should be thinking, ďHow can I make this product look better?Ē Donít be afraid to share your ideas and make suggestions about poses and angles.

Learn as much as you can about modeling and the industry. Read and watch interviews with models and photographers in the media. Talk to other models. Join modeling communities online. Take classes. Learn new skills that apply to your job. One of the most important skills model should learn in order to do their job better is how to convey emotion and attitude through pose and facial expression. The best models are able match the mood or feeling of the image the team is trying to create. This takes some practice, but if a model can master it, it becomes a very powerful tool.

Great models understand that theyíre just one part of the team. Every person on that teamĖincluding hair dresser, makeup artist, photographer, art directorsĖis there for the same purpose too: to sell the product. Models who realize that theyíre no more or less important than anyone else on that team end up being the most successful.

4. Take care of your body.

Realize that your body is your product. I said before that looking good is not a modelís entire job, but it certainly is a big part of it! As a model, you have to take better care of yourself than the average person. Learn everything you can about nutrition. Iím not saying you should starve yourself into anorexia,  or that you should be perfect. I mean, what is ďperfectĒ anyway? Itís a crazy ideal that no one can match. But you do need to have some discipline about your lifestyle. Youíll need to eat healthy and nutritious food to keep yourself looking and feeling your best. Exercise regularly to stay fit and toned so your body matches the image of the type of modeling work you want to do. Care for your hair with quality products that donít damage it. Your hairdresser can help you with this.

Your health and well-being extend beyond those obvious points about nutrition and exercise too. Itís also important to get enough sleep and to try to reduce stress in your life. If you take care of those things, itíll make it easier for you to follow through on the next tipÖ

5. Have fun!

Modeling should be fun, and if itís not, youíre probably not doing it right! I know a lot of the stuff I said above might seem a bit heavy, but itís actually not. When youíve taken care of the business side of modeling, and you are comfortable with your position in the job, itís actually pretty easy to relax and have a good time in front of the camera. Itís really obvious when someone is comfortable in front of the camera, and thatís when a model can really shine. Enjoy your job! Itís a dream to be a model, and if itís not your dream, then youíre probably in the wrong line of work!

Anyway, those are my tips. Based on my experience, thatís pretty good advice. If youíre still interested in being a model after reading all of that, then congratulations! Youíre already off to a great start. 

Models of Success. Petite Powerhouse


"ISOBELLA JADE"  The Worlds Top Petite Model. 5'4"

By Isobella Jade, 

Casting Confessions of a Shoe Model

The air whips under my dress. It is 40 degrees out. No one else in the city of NYC is wearing a dress. At least I have pantyhose on. I race for the train as the wind tries to blow me away.

I show up in my dress, freezing. Sometimes I remove my panty-hose, depending on the shoe I will have to try on. If it is a boot I can just keep my panty-hose on! But wearing the dress is important. It shows my legs. I could have worn pants or sweatpants and then changed into a dress or skirt but that wasn't on my mind at the time. 

Legs and feet and hands go together. So usually I have my fingernails painted along with my toes the night or day before the casting. Usually I lube up my legs with lotion and of course I shave. If you notice, for a lot of advertisements and catalogs involving shoes, many times the hands and legs are included in the shot. Just because this casting is for shoes, it doesn't mean my other body parts wonít be considered. The outfit I wear matters. 

First impressions mean a lot, so I make sure I know the style and personality of the shoe brand, before I attend the casting if possible. It is good to know the type of job you are going for,óso you can also look the part.

Visiting the showroom of Lifestride is very different than visiting Carlos Santana shoes. The clothing you should wear to
the separate places is also different.

Wearing socks when you wear boots is important, always, no questions. This might seem obvious to you, but I made that mistake once. I didnít have socks on while wearing my tan boots and running around the city in them for hours, then I got a call for a casting. It was very embarrassing to whip off my boot and have black smudge on my calves and toes from the boot. Lesson learned. 

Also, even though it might sound old school, wearing nude colored panty hose is still something you have to do in the shoe modeling world for castings sometimes. Shoe models stock up on these sorts of things.

I think about all the castings, all the offices, all the studios, showrooms, streets, buildings and the list never ends. Each one is different and when it is over I usually try to just forget about it, in hopes that in forgetting about it, not dwelling, moving on to the next castingómeans I get it.

Makeup for a Photo Shoot.

After looking at my facebook friend posts ive noticed many of my web readers copying this look I've put up here, So ive decided to "extend" the run date of this article.
Easy High Fashion Makeup
Models always ask me what kind of eye makeup they should do for a high fashion photo shoot?
Although sometimes hard to explain the smoky eyes look, its actually quite easy to do and the look is astounding in both color and black & white photos. When finished, you can walk the runway, turn heads at a dinner date, or get noticed walking the shopping mall.
In this simple video, we show you how.

Smashbox, Smoke Box
Available at Macy's  $39.00

International / Ethnic Fashion, Spring/Summer 2017

We here at International Model Magazine,
Strive to show you that the world of High Fashion, Style and Beauty is everywhere, .
In this segment we take a look at Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Weeks in
 So sit back, relax and enjoy cutting edge fashion from around the world.


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